The Last Post

Yes, really. The time has come good friends to draw a curtain, take a bow (but no encores, please!) and put Words With Nanna Prawn into mothballs. If you’re still following after this… Continue reading

They Just Clicked: A Short Story For Photography Lovers

They Just Clicked Why so early? Oh, yeah, of course, for sunrise. She was performing the usual endearing routine of scrambling around in the camera bag for the right lens, and losing a… Continue reading

Is Cursive Handwriting Cursed By The Digital Age?

“Handwriting is a totally useless skill. Maybe not as useless as compulsory Swedish, but coming pretty close to it.” (Quote from the Etela-Saimaa Website) This week the BBC reported that schools in Finland… Continue reading

All I Want For Xmas Is To Not Be On Facebook

And because I don’t believe in Father Christmas I’ve given myself the best present ever, early. Yesterday, after six years of being virtually friends with my ‘friends’, I re-claimed the real and deactivated… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist

my minimalist entry for this weeks photo challenge

Hobbit Nanna

Had to be done, I was in Auckland a couple of weeks ago and felt a calling to the spiritual home of my fellow Hobbits. I actually look too big for this particular… Continue reading

Exxopolis At The Brisbane Festival

Originally posted on All Eyes On These™ ~ The ozprawn Blog:
This years Brisbane Festival has some fascinating temporary installations, one of which is the unique experience of a luminarium (which is kind of…

Poo Art

I thought about calling this post ‘Art Poo’, but either way it all amounts to the same thing in my eyes, or in this case, nose. I have so many wonderful stories still… Continue reading

Graphic Memoirs: Not All Cartoons Are Comical

Originally posted on TIPSY LIT:
This could be challenging because I have to try and be serious about something that may be scoffed at, yet try not to be so serious that you refuse…

I Lama You

When my adult children were still little I was really proud of the fact that after queing patiently to see Father Christmas in the local shopping centre, every year without fail they would… Continue reading