Monthly Archive: June, 2012

The Ghan and the folding up/down loo, Part Two

Following yesterday’s post I’m concerned that some of you may have doubted the folding loo story, and that’s a fair call as I am very hard to take seriously, but………behold! That my friends… Continue reading

Travel on The Ghan, a train not a camel, Part One

I’m being ultra lazy as all good students are and posting fragments from a letter I sent my Mum after our 2009 trip up the middle of Australia on The Ghan.  Yes really. … Continue reading

Errant Hamsters And My Troubles With Vegetables

Domestication How on earth am I going to link hamsters with my veg plot disasters I hear you ask; oh yea of little faith.  I’ll tell you how.  Let’s start with the word for… Continue reading