After 23 years of marriage, honesty knocks romance well and truly out of the ball park.

Protea Flowers

This week my husband gave me flowers, and before you go all doe eyed or soppy about that let me first share the accompanying conversation that went with them:

The Big Fella: “I got you some flowers”

Me: “Because?”

The Big Fella: “They are Proteas”

Me: “??????? And?”

The Big Fella: “Some guy who grows them brought them into work”

Me: “So?”

The Big Fella: “He had a glut of them”

Me: “So, you brought me flowers, because……?”

The Big Fella: “because…….[pause]…..they were free”

You’ll note that because the protea is such a large flower that he only had to ‘struggle’ home with two free flowers to fill a vase.

I suppose I should be grateful, after 23 years of marriage it’s probably a good thing that honesty is winning out over easily faked romance?!!