I’d Like Us All To Say Hello To My 100th Blog Follower

A Circle Of Friends

I know what you might be thinking, it says 211 followers in my side bar right? so let me explain: in counting numbers I’ve focused on other bloggers who are following me, not just every Tom, Dick and Harry on Facebook and Twitsville (because I know many of those are already my actual, virtual friends and have to feign interest in all areas of my life and are also just being sticky beaks).

The one hundredth blog stat has more resonance and added value for me because it represents someone who has been attracted to my blog for totally unbiased reasons.  I’d like to think that  is more of a guaranteed measure of whether I’m writing quality content…..or just content that makes strangers around the world stop and stare in sheer horror, eg: “I can’t quite believe how bad this blog is and therefore will follow it just to convince myself that it has to get better at some point”.

The WordPress community is one of the most rewarding aspects of blogging, and very early on I had two comments that made me feel very welcome from Brigitte’s Banter and You Monsters Are People.  Since then I’ve found blogs with yummy recipes  DIY’ers, crafters, runners (ha ha, yes I know, ME following serious running peeps!!) inspirational stories, beautiful photography, many very funny, witty and clever bloggers, a few loony tunes, a blogging phenomenon known as Le Clown (enter his dark and mysterious film noir world at your peril and don’t say I didn’t warn you – and not at all if you suffer from coulrophobia because that is apparently ‘no laughing matter’ and in no way magical at all), and some like minded folks like the Creative Liar, who I would never have met in the ‘real’ world, and who has set up a virtual book club for us on Goodreads (thanks Ericka!!).

It really is a small world after all.

So, a little drum roll please, and I have great pleasure in introducing to you, Sufey the 100th, genuine, ‘tag-a-longer’ on my blog.  And my goodness she is a gloriously lithe and happy little follower who enjoys Yoga in the middle of Health Food Store aisles (and why not if you can pull off such an extremely bendy pose say I) and desserts.  I’m just guessing by comparing our physiques that I’m more successful in the dessert department.  Her blog is sheer joy and I recommend you go straight there and brighten up your day right now.

This is why I blog, not just to share my nonsense, and to further refine my pitiful writing skills, but to explore as much of the world and humanity as I can, at any time of the day, and without expensive plane tickets :)

North Stradbroke Island

Welcome to a little corner of my world, North Stradbroke Island, South East Queensland

Namaste, Encantada, Selamat Detang, ‘欢迎, Bienvenue, Ahlan wa sahlan, Aloha, Ilari-wa! 

and Welcome!

Please add any languages and dialects for greetings that I’ve missed in the comments section below, and widen this circle of friends – the more diversity, the merrier!!

5 thoughts on “I’d Like Us All To Say Hello To My 100th Blog Follower

  1. My friend!!
    Sorry to be late to the party. I like to be fashionable like that… My wife can vouch for me… Congrats on your 100th follower! A great landmark. And of course, thank you for the mention. I play an egomaniac on line, but I am truly grateful for seeing my name up there. Talk soon.
    Le Clown

    • Ah yes, I did wonder who had left a pair of over sized shoes at the door and shed fake and ludicrously coloured hair on the shag pile…….egomaniacs have little time available whilst planning world domination and I would imagine it takes longer to get ready with all that pan cake to apply. Better late than never and always an honour to have you stop by (and name dropping is a purely cynical attempt to hop on your circus/band wagon :) Anna

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