The Tipsy Lit Photographer – Somehow I Wrangled My Way Into The Crew

Remember a few posts back I mentioned that I was going to persuade author Ericka Clay of to let me be her Instagram clone?! Well she agreed! Hazaar!! So I have my first official freelancing photography gig of 2014 with a little bit of writing/sound biting to boot!! You might not like me as much when you realise just what a fab spot I managed to bag on the Tipsy Lit Crew but try not to hold it against them! So what’s this Tipsy Lit all about? Well, for a start, the Tipsy Lit brand is spread over just about every social media network you can think of; Ericka and the Tipsy Lit Crew have grown the blog of the same name to an impressive 7,000 + followers with regular features including writing prompts, author interviews, book reviews, and the latest addition, a platform to provide crowdfunding campaigns for self-publishers. And if that’s not enough to whet your literary appetites, in some of the most exciting news of the week, Tipsy Lit has secured a book giveaway/Skype competion with author Emily Belden!!

Emily Belden

Click on the pic to learn more

So, with all this extremely professional, and impressive and dedicated hard work happening, I’m sure my Editor in Chief and the existing band of enthusiastic contributors must have been VERY impressed with the bio pic I provided for the Crew page?:

Tipsy bioToo keen?? Well, what’s a girl to do? When you’re working for a brand named ‘Tipsy Lit’ more is definitely not less, right?!

In addition to the blog there is a writers forum on Goodreads and a monthly bookclub on Facebook. Tipsy Lit evolved from a bookclub which Ericka originally ran and hosted on Goodreads, and it’s still a place to get together with a global crowd to discuss reading and writing books and to enjoy a tipple or two as you do….or non if you are one of the non-tipsy members, just with many more thousands than there were in the beginning.

My job on our Instagram account @tipsylitpics is to provide a visual medium to inspire readers and writers with book quotes and photographs, encourage more people to follow all Tipsy Lit social sites, and to spread the word about the exciting possibilities provided by doing so. In addition, we’ll be running a monthly competition for instagrammers who follow us @tipsylitpics and tag a photo of the book we are reading that month with #tipsylitpics We’ll be looking for the most innovative, beautiful and striking images when picking a winner and that winner will get a big shout out for their Instagram account and any websites or blogs they want to promote on the Tipsy Lit blog. We’re looking for real engagement with the books that are featured, and if you want to be one of the first to know what book we’ll be reading next month you need to ‘like’ our facebook page

I think I’ve got a pretty dreamy gig for Tipsy Lit, I love books, I love reading, I love photography and I love writing! When you see an orginal @tipsylitpic or one credited to me, djsilversides, it’s more than likely going to feature one of my books and a local setting… please don’t hate me for the latest post if you’re shivering in the northern hemisphere right now. It features my hat, my sunnies, my book, my beach towel, bougainvillea from my garden, our gorgeous Queensland sunshine…..and our backyard pool. It’s not hard is it?!

Like I said, please don’t hate me, but…………. I wrangled my way onto the Tipsy Lit Crew and I LOVE MY JOB!!!

Insta feed

If you’re interested in being part of the Tipsy LIt Crew there are still a few vacancies to be filled so that Ericka doesn’t have to clone herself – You don’t have to have beautiful flicky hair like she does…..but it may help your application if you lie about it  write something creative.

We’re Hiring! Click Here On This Pre-Cloned Ericka To Find Out More!!

Tipsy Lit

2 thoughts on “The Tipsy Lit Photographer – Somehow I Wrangled My Way Into The Crew

  1. I’m trying hard not to hate you, especially as the photograph shows you to be a very well balanced person, but, you had to mention your weather didn’t you so now I’m struggling a bit.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

    • I’m glad you noticed the balancing David! They have a saying in Queensland “Beautiful one day, perfect the next” and I’m not going to argue with it, someone has to soak up all this lovely sunshine otherwise it goes to waste :) Down to a very pleasant 27 degrees today and winter is just around the corner so we’ll be wearing jeans with our t-shirts in a couple of months if it makes you feel any better? no?!

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