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So why Prawn? I’m afraid there are no tall tales or anecdotes of a successful shrimp catching business a’la Forest Gump to tell you; my first name is Dawn and it’s just your basic rhyming nickname that has followed me from school, to work, and from one continent to another. I’m a Nanna of one, Mother of two and Master of none, and as I have another blog dedicated to my photography this blog is dedicated to hoarding the surplus supply of my words. A bit like the old Army and Navy stores, there might be something useful and sturdily constructed here from time to time but you could find yourself rummaging around a bit to find it :)

I don’t have a regular posting schedule, but if you dig about in the archives and the category cloud you can find anything from food reviews, rants about current affairs, and even some poetry floating about! It’s an eclectic mix of words about anything and everything.

Hysterically historically I also used to run so I could eat as much cake as I wanted, but not so much nowadays (the running, not the cake eating). You can read about how I ran this far (a 42.2 km marathon) and the infamous ‘controlled shuffle’ here and be thankful that I no longer shuffle so much even if I’m still eating too much cake.

And…..an earlier post that explains a little more about who I am and why I emigrated from Hull, East Yorkshire, England, to Brisbane, Queensland, Australia in 2005……..Because The Beaches Are Better!!


On a beach in the North of England with pebbles as big as my own head, aged about 10 and already trying to dig through to Australia in desperation…… :)