So why Prawn? I’m afraid there are no tall tales or anecdotes of a successful shrimp catching business a’la Forest Gump to tell you; my first name is Dawn and it’s just your basic rhyming nickname that has followed me from school, to work, and from one continent to another. I’m a Nanna of one, Mother of two and Master of none, and as I have another blog dedicated to my photography this blog is dedicated to hoarding the surplus supply of my words. A bit like the old Army and Navy stores, there might be something useful and sturdily constructed here from time to time but you could find yourself rummaging around a bit to find it :)

I don’t have a regular posting schedule, but if you dig about in the archives and the category cloud you can find anything from food reviews, rants about current affairs, and even some poetry floating about! It’s an eclectic mix of words about anything and everything.

Hysterically historically I also used to run so I could eat as much cake as I wanted, but not so much nowadays (the running, not the cake eating). You can read about how I ran this far (a 42.2 km marathon) and the infamous ‘controlled shuffle’ here and be thankful that I no longer shuffle so much even if I’m still eating too much cake.

And…..an earlier post that explains a little more about who I am and why I emigrated from Hull, East Yorkshire, England, to Brisbane, Queensland, Australia in 2005……..Because The Beaches Are Better!!


On a beach in the North of England with pebbles as big as my own head, aged about 10 and already trying to dig through to Australia in desperation…… :)

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    • thanks very muchly! sooooo glad that I’m not getting up and doing the 3hrs training runs like I was this time last year though, I’ve needed some time off from the extra-cise!!! – might have a go at a sprint triathlon next year though!

    • Thanks so much that is so lovely of you!! I shall bask …… for weeks, nay, months probably!! will go and look at the rules and such now and get on with it seen as I haven’t put anything on my blog for a while (am actually factually sat here trying to put the last stop of the Ghan trip together but not getting very far……NCIS can be very distracting!)

  2. Merhaba! As am admirer or your work, I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger award – pop on over to my page http://crazytraintotinkytown.com for details. Appreciate these awards involve some work, so please take your time or if you have received them before, my apologies but it’s still nice to know someone appreciates your blog. May your day be filled with sunshine

  3. Wow, you are one cool Nanna! The marathon is one challenge I’ve never accomplished but is in my bucket list. I’ve ran 2 half marathons….does that qualify? :-) Thank you stopping by my blog. I am reading yours now and it is definitely one worth following.

    • It absolutely qualifies! Especially as I only consistently ran the first half of the marathon and walked/shuffled the next 21k’s!! At some point I’m going to do a full post about it, trust me, I may have reached the end … eventually, but 6hrs 10 mins is not cool! There aren’t many people who ever run more than 5k’s, so 2 half marathons is definitely something to be proud of Grace, well done!

  4. Love your blog! All of the photos you use in your posts are great. Looks like an exciting life you live!

    • Thanks for stopping by!! It’s not all exciting travel and such, I’m about twice your age and there have been some pretty big chunks of boring along the way I’m afraid!……It’s all in the editing when you write isn’t it?! I’m now in my last semester at Uni and my (21 year old) Son has started his first at the same campus; I can assure you I’m way more excited about it than he is :)

  5. You write, study, be nanna and mother, and run! I’m in awe. Thanks so much for the follow… glad it brought me here!

    • My husband calls my running style “a controlled shuffle” don’t be too impressed!! it took me 5 months of training and 6 hours 10 minutes to finish that marathon!! Also, I’m a bit further along the life track as my children are 25 and 22 and so are allegedly adults and not requiring quite as much of the mother role anymore x I love your writing and sense of humour, and the quality has made me realise I need to lift my own game a little bit on my blog and put a bit more effort in!

      • Hey… 6 hours is nothing to sneeze at. That means you ran a marathon. Thanks for the kind words about my blog. I’m also trying to stretch myself and improve my writing. It’s so challenging! Hit and miss.

    • Well, G,day, G,day, how ya gowwwwing, G’day, G’day, Strike a Light……..sorry I couldn’t resist. I’m a Pommie and only been here 7 and a half years so I’m still allowed to be an idiot. I’ve been everywhere man (whoops did it again), apart from Canberra and Hobart, and we still are convinced that BrisVegas and Queensland was the absolute best choice we could have made for our personalities and the lifestyle we want. I live a bit far out in the Bayside Burbs so have a bit of a cranky commute to civilisation, but its worth it. Queenslanders are bloody awesome!!

    • Thanks, it’s a bit strange now all the planning (and the day) is over! We are missing the warmth of the far North now its getting chillier in the South East, and we’re not even into the coldest months yet!

  6. Hi there Nannaprawn,
    At first I thought you might be Thai from your name, then I thought about it ;-) Glad you stopped by my blog and liked my photos of the sea. You sure picked a different topic for your thesis! Hope you’re having fun with it :-)

  7. Hi Nanna, I was new to blogging last year and I guess I have explored hundreds of different blogs over the year – people who live in Spain, writers, photographers, foodies, book reviewers and some I struggle to define! That’s a lot of reading. And you too have read my blog, in its first year, when I was finding my way. So as a big THANK YOU for your support, I’d like to nominate you for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award.
    Please click below to read more about the award:-


    Please accept this message as a gesture of gratitude, so if you don’t want to follow the award’s rules then that’s fine too!
    Many thanks, and Happy Blogging in 2014.

    • You’re more than welcome, and apols for not stopping by more often, haven’t been quite as active on WordPress for a few months now so have a lot of catch up reading to do! Will look probably at this tomorrow but very much like the idea of being a loyal dragon, and I definitely need some firey strength right now x

  8. thanks so much for liking my ‘ingredient’s bit. I love that you run so you can eat as much cake as you want. Many years ago I worked at a fitness center and, of course, that was always the wrong answer to the question, “why do you work out?” I say, if they can’t take honestly, well then……

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