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The Last Post

Yes, really. The time has come good friends to draw a curtain, take a bow (but no encores, please!) and put Words With Nanna Prawn into mothballs. If you’re still following after this… Continue reading

Feeling Spammed

Spam is nothing to be scared of, (well, unless you’re on rations and encountering your twentieth spam fritter not-a-surprise of the week) but ridicule is; as you well know when Prince Charming himself told… Continue reading

The Most Popular Post Ever!

It’s time to deploy a re-post because I’m feeling way below par with a cold virus and have nothing else to give you! One of the most astonishing aspects of blogging over these… Continue reading

Honours Thesis/Taylor Swift Mash-up

Dear Thesis,           I say dear, but honestly, you are not dear to me anymore. I’m using this term of endearment out of habit more than anything.  Since we hooked up,….nine…months…3 days…and 8 hours… Continue reading

It’s Not The Journey That’s Important But The Standards Of The Toilet Facilities

So, after swanning around Magnetic Island on the Providence, and staring out at a marina full of lovely boats for six days from our apartment, we’ve come back home to our view of… Continue reading

An Oscar Worthy List Of Thank-You’s On Behalf Of The Lollipop Bride

I present to you one beautiful bride, and declare my bias straight away because she is my daughter. After all the planning, the logistics of getting a wedding party, dresses, table decs, luggage,… Continue reading

Welcome To My World: It’s Currently Made Of Lollipops

Where’s tha been lass? Well I have not been on Ilkley Moor Baht’at you’ll be glad to know. Confused? Well, you should be, welcome to my world, it’s currently made of lollipops. My… Continue reading

In Search Of The Perfect Italian Man To Cook For Me

Now what do we make of this? My new Italian cooker arrived this week and there is a pouting Italian man on the front cover of the operating manual.  It’s a look I’ve seen… Continue reading

The Curse Of An Extensive Vocabulary

Makes Concise Difficult

Whatever I Need For 2013 I’m Pretty Sure It Is Not A Solid Gold Shirt

It’s New Years Eve, so what better time to review the year and look forward to 2013?! 2012 has thankfully been a very good year for us; the Big Fella got a new… Continue reading