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South Korean Cosmetic Surgery: When Your Perspective Is So Skewed Life Gets Ugly

Be warned, some of this post is gruesome and visually confronting, seriously. I usually try to stay clear of too much serious debate on my blog but this week one news article in particular… Continue reading

Ten Things I’ve Learnt About Myself Since Giving Up Eating Animals And Birds

1. I can survive on fish, seafood and plant food and feel much healthier and less bloated. Disclaimer: I’m not exactly stick thin yet either though.  2. My pee is clearer. Yeah, I know,… Continue reading

One Does Not Simply Drop 15 Kilos In Nine Weeks

Fourteen stone in a day!!!! as the gloriously rotund Peter Kay often says.  Pure fantasy and for comedy value only of course but a line that pops into my head every time I… Continue reading