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All I Want For Xmas Is To Not Be On Facebook

And because I don’t believe in Father Christmas I’ve given myself the best present ever, early. Yesterday, after six years of being virtually friends with my ‘friends’, I re-claimed the real and deactivated… Continue reading

Inspirational Reasons To Be Grateful

Recently a lady who I met once three years ago had a message passed on to me. She wanted me to know how inspirational I was and that after the conversation we’d had about… Continue reading

How To Cope When Your World Gets Redonkulous, Spread The Love And Get Back To Simple

Yes I know that’s not a proper word, what are you? the grammar police??! Life is absolutely redonkulously busy right now, and there is really no other way to describe it. I’m currently… Continue reading

After 23 years of marriage, honesty knocks romance well and truly out of the ball park.

This week my husband gave me flowers, and before you go all doe eyed or soppy about that let me first share the accompanying conversation that went with them: The Big Fella: “I… Continue reading