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A Lazy Gardener In The Winter Tropics


Blue As

                    Blue as the tiles from a souk in Morocco Blue as the bird cage feathered with shadow   Blue as the paint splash long since forgotten Blue as the… Continue reading

All The Small Things

amongst the barren earth remains –  the smallest signs of life, again. Brisbane in winter ~ 20/7/14

Scant Photo Essay

It is Words On Wednesdays today, so I can’t really get away with just a scant photo essay from a night walk in Brisbane with DJB Mentoring! So here’s a few meagre words to go with the images… Continue reading

Concrete and Acrostic Forms of Poetry

It’s been a while since I’ve tormented gifted you with some poetry and the latest issue of the Australian Poetry Journal has inspired me to strap you into your seats and not let… Continue reading

Worthless Entertainment

“What else can I buy?” was the wretched cry – as the last memed Loris died slowly by her side. ~ In diamonds and furs she pouted and cravened, tweeting and twerking that selfie–… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea – Swimming In Poetry

Currumbin Sand Festival I’ve lived on the east coast of the UK and Australia all my life; I’m very definately a water person so we have a house that looks out on a bay… Continue reading

Treading Gently

I try to tread gently – across this wide land – but always leave footprints – behind in the sand.

Trio Of Haiku’s Arriving With The Southern Hemisphere Winter

Or ‘Hack-You’ as I often prefer to call them when I’m trying to stick to the 5-7-5 syllable, no metaphor, rule.  I’ve chosen a wintery theme as here in the southern hemisphere the air is getting a little drier,… Continue reading


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  The Lavender Room Zine-in-a-Matchbox series, The Outlandish Watch Songbook and Revisited Translations, and the Short Black Suite poetry postcards are included in the Bound Apart Photography and…