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Poo Art

I thought about calling this post ‘Art Poo’, but either way it all amounts to the same thing in my eyes, or in this case, nose. I have so many wonderful stories still… Continue reading

It’s Not The Journey That’s Important But The Standards Of The Toilet Facilities

So, after swanning around Magnetic Island on the Providence, and staring out at a marina full of lovely boats for six days from our apartment, we’ve come back home to our view of… Continue reading

Pink Trains Are Not The Answer, But Neither It Would Seem Is On-Board Security

I wanted to have a discussion about the issue of safety on trains, with regard to female safety in particular, following the suggestions made by the NSW Rape Crisis Centre, and the Rail,… Continue reading

The Ghan, Crocs, Buffalo Kebabs and… THE (TOP) END!

I know what you might be thinking at this stage, “How Bloody Long Is This Journey Nanna?!!” I’m pretty sure it was only ten days but I appear to have made it last… Continue reading

The Ghan and Uluru, Part Four

For three days we were shuffled backwards and forwards between Alice Springs and Uluru so that we could see a sunset and a sunrise on this magnificent and incredible sight.  Uluru really does… Continue reading

The Ghan, The Olgas, and Kings Canyon, Part Three

For the next three days we toured the surrounding area and discovered that squashing such a big trip into a short timetable has a few disadvantages, namely, coach travel.  No offence, but this… Continue reading

The Ghan and the folding up/down loo, Part Two

Following yesterday’s post I’m concerned that some of you may have doubted the folding loo story, and that’s a fair call as I am very hard to take seriously, but………behold! That my friends… Continue reading

Travel on The Ghan, a train not a camel, Part One

I’m being ultra lazy as all good students are and posting fragments from a letter I sent my Mum after our 2009 trip up the middle of Australia on The Ghan.  Yes really. … Continue reading