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Nanna Has Graduated!!

On Friday 7th December (also the big fella’s birthday) Nanna Prawn graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Extended English Literature Major and History Minor) from the University of Queensland!!  So this is just… Continue reading

It’s Official: I Have The Smallest Head That It Is Possible To Fit A Degree Into

This week I’m getting to the pointy end of my degree, so to speak.  On Thursday I will have my very last seminars and SwotVac (Swot Vacation) begins!! Though it may seem a… Continue reading

An Ice Cream Mash Up Party Is Just Cray Cray………..

So, in the past fortnight I’ve been invited to a ‘pre exam ice cream mash up party’ and a 21st birthday party.  That is just, cray cray….apparently, and there you where dear reader wondering how… Continue reading

How old is too old to wear a University hoodie?

What do you mean I’m not what you expected?!! I’m not what I expected either. It was bound to happen eventually, I’m just too wordy to be contained by Facebook, or heaven preserve… Continue reading