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They Just Clicked: A Short Story For Photography Lovers

They Just Clicked Why so early? Oh, yeah, of course, for sunrise. She was performing the usual endearing routine of scrambling around in the camera bag for the right lens, and losing a… Continue reading

Is Cursive Handwriting Cursed By The Digital Age?

“Handwriting is a totally useless skill. Maybe not as useless as compulsory Swedish, but coming pretty close to it.” (Quote from the Etela-Saimaa Website) This week the BBC reported that schools in Finland… Continue reading

Working Hard To Look Like I’m Working

Literally 3 hours after that last post my son crashed his car into a tree. FFS, give me a break 2014, you’ve been unnecessarily crap so far, but, I am of course ‘grateful it was just… Continue reading

Honours Thesis/Taylor Swift Mash-up

Dear Thesis,           I say dear, but honestly, you are not dear to me anymore. I’m using this term of endearment out of habit more than anything.  Since we hooked up,….nine…months…3 days…and 8 hours… Continue reading

A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action Please

It can’t have failed to have come to your attention, even without the aid of my stats page, that my photography posts always garner more likes than my written ones.  It’s ironic when… Continue reading

One Hundred Word Story

One Hundred Days Greensleeves always seemed such a melancholy tune to play; Mr Whippy, still three streets away, was heralding a thundering of tiny feet in the house next door.  Through her bitter… Continue reading

How To Cram All Of Your Research Into Three Small Chapters: Get Creative And Start Weaving.

“Where’s tha bin lass?” some of you may ask….well the Yorkshire ones anyway.  I’ve been here there and everywhere lovely people, and I promise you I have been writing, just not on my… Continue reading

A Day Of Clichés

I have the best of both worlds; the world of intellectual stimulation at Uni, and quite often (yes really) on WordPress, and the silly fun stuff I chitty chat about at home, and… Continue reading

Exactly How Far And How Much Is This “Beyond”?

A word used in a contemporary and bewildering context: I’m beyond talking about this, I’m beyond tired, This is beyond cool, It’s beyond rad, He’s beyond stupid, They are beyond busy, She’s beyond fit,… Continue reading

Writing Is Not For The Workshy

According to my physiotherapist I’m a sloucher.  I’ve been slouching  for years, probably since I first started school, and I’ve been cultivating my inner lazy bear slouch, ever since, but then we already knew that didn’t we?  So… Continue reading