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My review of Gillian Mears Foal’s Bread for the Australian Women’s Book Review, Edited by Carole Ferrier.


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Whilst I’ve always loved writing rhyming poetry it’s not really considered contemporary in current poetry circles so I’ve gradually shifted to free verse and two of these appear in issue 33 of Blackmail Press a New Zealand based online poetry journal.  The irony is not lost on me that my free verse is literally readable ‘for free’ :)

A wonderful avante-garde poet-musician performer-lady (who also makes the most wonderful ‘upcycled’ trinkets) printed one of my teeny tiny poems in her Lavender Room series of poetry. She sells some of her work in Brisbane and also at the Etsy store.The zine’s are ridiculously cheap and really do come in a matchbox with a match so you can burn them if you’re feeling brave/outraged/frivolous.