A Lazy Gardener In The Winter Tropics


Blue As

                    Blue as the tiles from a souk in Morocco Blue as the bird cage feathered with shadow   Blue as the paint splash long since forgotten Blue as the… Continue reading

All The Small Things

amongst the barren earth remains –  the smallest signs of life, again. Brisbane in winter ~ 20/7/14

Togetherness: Or How We Negotiate Our Points Of Difference

  A city office and a church; steel v masonry; arches v abstract lines; new v old. Yet they seem to lean together to negotiate their points of difference. In October this year me… Continue reading

Dance Like No One Is Watching, Quote Like You’ve Seen It For Real

Dance Like No One Is Watching It’s a phrase that can seem clichéd or over sentimental; just a throwaway greeting card observation on life, right? Look closer though and there is always a space that exists… Continue reading

Don’t Force Your Old Habits, Break Them Up With A Bit Of New!

I’ve been doing the big food shop on a Friday for…..ever really. It’s directly responsible for ‘use up Thursday’ when I cobble together unrepeatable meals from what ever dreary old veg, store cupboard… Continue reading

Why No Amount of Retrospect Will Prevent The Rise In Diabetes Type 2

Long, long ago, in a galaxy far away, I was a non-clinical manager in one of the old Primary Care Trusts of the UK’s National Health Service. I’m not a doctor or a… Continue reading

Nanna’s Feeling Like A Rev Head!

Vroom Vroom!!! You’re never too old to try something new, break out of your comfort zone and be anything but boring and predictable! So, as a case in point, this weekend I spent a day with… Continue reading

Queensland Winters Have Thawed Out My Raynaud’s Disease

It’s 24 degrees again today, and I think it might be the warmest start to Winter that I’ve experienced here since we emigrated to South East Queensland eight and a half years ago! It’s been about 4… Continue reading

I’m Only Alone

I’ve always been fascinated about being described as ‘an only child’ because the ‘only’ immediately conveys a diminutive, a lesser, and a negative don’t you think? As if it’s the last thing on earth anyone… Continue reading