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All I Want For Xmas Is To Not Be On Facebook

And because I don’t believe in Father Christmas I’ve given myself the best present ever, early. Yesterday, after six years of being virtually friends with my ‘friends’, I re-claimed the real and deactivated… Continue reading

Blue As

                    Blue as the tiles from a souk in Morocco Blue as the bird cage feathered with shadow   Blue as the paint splash long since forgotten Blue as the… Continue reading

Queensland Winters Have Thawed Out My Raynaud’s Disease

It’s 24 degrees again today, and I think it might be the warmest start to Winter that I’ve experienced here since we emigrated to South East Queensland eight and a half years ago! It’s been about 4… Continue reading

Scant Photo Essay

It is Words On Wednesdays today, so I can’t really get away with just a scant photo essay from a night walk in Brisbane with DJB Mentoring! So here’s a few meagre words to go with the images… Continue reading

Entitlements, Dame’s and Sir’s

The Australian Prime Minster Tony Abbott has recently reinstated the honours system by bestowing the title of Dame on the outgoing Governor General. Though I have some conservative views in my politics I… Continue reading

Redonkulously Giddy With Excitement!

I know, I know, it’s not even a word……or is it? Someone send a Minion to check whether redonkulous has made it into the Oxford Dictionary yet! It’s been over seven years since… Continue reading

Show Your Love For Brisbane And Queensland With Cally Designs

Ah Brisbane, have I told you lately that I love you?! Well I do, and more than that I love all of Queensland, so much so that I’ve been looking for a way of showing my… Continue reading

Treading Gently

I try to tread gently – across this wide land – but always leave footprints – behind in the sand.

Trio Of Haiku’s Arriving With The Southern Hemisphere Winter

Or ‘Hack-You’ as I often prefer to call them when I’m trying to stick to the 5-7-5 syllable, no metaphor, rule.  I’ve chosen a wintery theme as here in the southern hemisphere the air is getting a little drier,… Continue reading

It’s Not The Journey That’s Important But The Standards Of The Toilet Facilities

So, after swanning around Magnetic Island on the Providence, and staring out at a marina full of lovely boats for six days from our apartment, we’ve come back home to our view of… Continue reading