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All I Want For Xmas Is To Not Be On Facebook

And because I don’t believe in Father Christmas I’ve given myself the best present ever, early. Yesterday, after six years of being virtually friends with my ‘friends’, I re-claimed the real and deactivated… Continue reading

Working Hard Like A Work-Horse To Trample On Negativity In The Year Of The Horse

I know, I know, it’s Saturday, why am I working???!!! It’s been a strange old week my lovely bloggers, and I’m happy to say that it’s ended more positively than it began. A mere… Continue reading

Why Pinterest Is Better For Your Soul Than Facebook

Recently a man planned his girlfriend’s idea of a dream wedding from all of her Pinterest pins, and already it’s attracting unfathomable criticism.  I find it beautiful…..admittedly in an oversharing kind of way,… Continue reading

A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action Please

It can’t have failed to have come to your attention, even without the aid of my stats page, that my photography posts always garner more likes than my written ones.  It’s ironic when… Continue reading

An Open Letter To Mark Zuckerberg Re: Offensive Anorexic Advertising Images On Facebook

Dear Mr Zuckerberg, During the past month my Facebook news feed has been repeatedly spammed with images of horrific, (and no doubt further CGI altered) sufferers of anorexia to promote ‘diet’ pages.  These adverts… Continue reading

Windows 8 Operating System: The “Woman Calendar” And Things That Make You Go Ewwwwwww!!

Having recently acquired a new and improved and very portable ASUS laptop (insert shameless plug in hope of freebies) I have also been dragged into the new and allegedly improved main frame Windows… Continue reading

The Daily Prompt, Two Weeks Late – Please Sir Can I Explain?

“Think Global, Act Local” But What If It Feels Like Too Little Too Late? I’ve been MIA from WordPress for over two weeks now so this Daily Prompt is well and truly old… Continue reading

Lacan et al. By Dummies: For Students Who Couldn’t Care Less Whether They Pass The Exam Or Not

Just look at his face, not impressed is he?  That’s an expression that says “did Ẑiẑek just come into my house and crap on the parlour rug?”  I might be wrong, but I… Continue reading