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Why No Amount of Retrospect Will Prevent The Rise In Diabetes Type 2

Long, long ago, in a galaxy far away, I was a non-clinical manager in one of the old Primary Care Trusts of the UK’s National Health Service. I’m not a doctor or a… Continue reading

Feeling Jaded

It was Mothers Day in Australia yesterday and I started the day with yoga and a healthy quinoa porridge with a side helping of Plath as a treat for myself (not that there weren’t plenty of… Continue reading

Back On The Running Wagon So I Can Chase Down The Black Dog

I’m running a little bit again.  I am not a runner.  I fell off the running wagon shortly after finishing the Gold Coast Marathon in 2011, but I’ve recently been forced to jump… Continue reading

South Korean Cosmetic Surgery: When Your Perspective Is So Skewed Life Gets Ugly

Be warned, some of this post is gruesome and visually confronting, seriously. I usually try to stay clear of too much serious debate on my blog but this week one news article in particular… Continue reading

One Does Not Simply Drop 15 Kilos In Nine Weeks

Fourteen stone in a day!!!! as the gloriously rotund Peter Kay often says.  Pure fantasy and for comedy value only of course but a line that pops into my head every time I… Continue reading

The Controlled Shuffle: The story of a non runner who ran a marathon.

I’m not going to lie to you: I hate running, I can’t run, I don’t have time to run, I’m really slow, I lose my breath really easily, I get asthma if I… Continue reading