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The Most Popular Post Ever!

It’s time to deploy a re-post because I’m feeling way below par with a cold virus and have nothing else to give you! One of the most astonishing aspects of blogging over these… Continue reading

Concrete and Acrostic Forms of Poetry

It’s been a while since I’ve tormented gifted you with some poetry and the latest issue of the Australian Poetry Journal has inspired me to strap you into your seats and not let… Continue reading

Lacan et al. By Dummies: For Students Who Couldn’t Care Less Whether They Pass The Exam Or Not

Just look at his face, not impressed is he?  That’s an expression that says “did Ẑiẑek just come into my house and crap on the parlour rug?”  I might be wrong, but I… Continue reading

Happy National Poetry Day!

It may not be National Poetry Day in your part of the world, and you may be way more interested in the start of the London Olympics…but here in Australia I actually have… Continue reading