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A Gullible Blag Involving ‘The Real’ Jason Statham

GULLIBLE and BLAG Not sure what a blag/blagging is?! If you’re lost in translation already then have a read of Duncan Swallow’s post for Tipsy Lit  where he offers a very comprehensive and amusing explanation,… Continue reading

South Korean Cosmetic Surgery: When Your Perspective Is So Skewed Life Gets Ugly

Be warned, some of this post is gruesome and visually confronting, seriously. I usually try to stay clear of too much serious debate on my blog but this week one news article in particular… Continue reading

I Hoard Stuff On My Blog So That My House Isn’t Cluttered

I just want you all to know that my house does not look like this: Chicago Tribune Anyone taking a passing glance at my blog home page may get the impression that I’m… Continue reading