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Up, Up and Away

In my beautiful balloon? Ah, if only. August winds and torrential rain are sweeping what’s left of winter away and I feel like I might be getting past the worst of this year.… Continue reading

A Day Of Clichés

I have the best of both worlds; the world of intellectual stimulation at Uni, and quite often (yes really) on WordPress, and the silly fun stuff I chitty chat about at home, and… Continue reading

To Theme Or Not To Theme: That Is The Question I’m Hoping You’ll Answer

I’ve been thinking about changing my theme recently.  Remember that post I did way back about hoarding on my blog? Well I think it might be time for another tidy up; all the… Continue reading

The Daily Prompt, Two Weeks Late – Please Sir Can I Explain?

“Think Global, Act Local” But What If It Feels Like Too Little Too Late? I’ve been MIA from WordPress for over two weeks now so this Daily Prompt is well and truly old… Continue reading

Whatever I Need For 2013 I’m Pretty Sure It Is Not A Solid Gold Shirt

It’s New Years Eve, so what better time to review the year and look forward to 2013?! 2012 has thankfully been a very good year for us; the Big Fella got a new… Continue reading

Bah Humbug To You, The Tree Is Not Going Up Yet

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas (well an Australian one anyways) whether I like it or not.  Even WordPress has got in on the act with ‘faux’ snowflakes wafting across its… Continue reading

I Hoard Stuff On My Blog So That My House Isn’t Cluttered

I just want you all to know that my house does not look like this: Chicago Tribune Anyone taking a passing glance at my blog home page may get the impression that I’m… Continue reading

What’s In A Name?

What’s in a name? Well, quite a lot actually, like my means of identification for a start.  I suffer from continual misunderstandings regarding my name and I believe it’s totally and utterly unjustified… Continue reading

Girls With Lots Of Books

That photo on the top right of my blog is not something I just casually grabbed from Zemanta or Google, it’s the real deal, it’s my chair and my library.  Sure, that Ikea… Continue reading