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How To Cram All Of Your Research Into Three Small Chapters: Get Creative And Start Weaving.

“Where’s tha bin lass?” some of you may ask….well the Yorkshire ones anyway.  I’ve been here there and everywhere lovely people, and I promise you I have been writing, just not on my… Continue reading

What’s In A Name?

What’s in a name? Well, quite a lot actually, like my means of identification for a start.  I suffer from continual misunderstandings regarding my name and I believe it’s totally and utterly unjustified… Continue reading


Apparently that’s how I pronounce it, with the emphasis on the ‘a’.  Maybe it’s a Yorkshire thing?!  Anyhoe…..to follow up the previous tea post it seems highly appropriate to serve some slices of cake and… Continue reading

The Ghan and Uluru, Part Four

For three days we were shuffled backwards and forwards between Alice Springs and Uluru so that we could see a sunset and a sunrise on this magnificent and incredible sight.  Uluru really does… Continue reading